Sunday, September 11, 2011

Having the same root in Numerology numbers

Some of us may have learned in Numerology that the number of roots is highlighting the salient characteristics of a person. This issue of the root is the same as the "fate" number known in some systems of Numerology and West Indian. We know what is number root by adding to our birth dates and combining them into a single digit number. Of course, I explain more in detail on another day.

If we were to use a case study of a male, whose birth date August 29, 1958, you will get the number of roots of 6. It indicates that this person is a survivor. It is very likely that he or she can control wealth and prosperity well, therefore, him making it rich. They tend to have good manners and generally charming, creative, loving, loyal, and are expensive. Usually, they are in industries such as education, art and religion and can be a popular figure in the society. Other positive traits that can be used to describe the "6" people are, charismatic, caring, thoughtful and welcoming.

The other side of the room, they can be proud of nature and don't like to take simple jobs. They usually do not like to listen to the people who are critical and judgmental because they are self-righteous and are proud of their achievements. They can be people who are very energetic in their speech, honest, persuasive, direct and honest, thus leading to other people to feel restless and injured.

So, does that mean that everyone with the same numbers of root will have the same characteristics and traits?

The answer is Yes, to some extent. We also note that each individual is unique and has an identity, although some features may be present. The degree of similarities varies with many factors cause such as social education, environmental, lifestyle, careers, the type of friends, educations, of learning experiences and same habits.

Different persons of the same date of birth can be also differently suitable for their individual Numerology report. But what they know may not, it is that they could have already interpreted characteristics when they are young, but because of the change in their life experience, characteristics have changed along the way. Another reason is that the person can be "like this" in the future.

For those who are more experienced in Numerology, an analysis of the date of birth again and verify online if it is correct. You will find that the meanings and the associated numbers are all together easily.

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