Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is Pokemon Story a simple or complex?

Welcome to another installment Pokemon Cafe, where java and topics Pokemon evolves along with the Pokemon roaming the floors and sometimes engage in battle. The latest news in the world undoubtedly heard of Pokemon is a Pokemon black and white. The game is a must, along with, of course, all of the exciting products spinoff. There is a new Pokemon black and white stuffed toys, new cards in the card game Pokemon, including Shiney Eutei and Raikon. Everything from the big Plushies new stationary to have.

Children's brains are fantastic. Adults constantly we try to teach in their opinion, when in fact the brain of the child, as a Pokemon, it has special powers and grow their own. As an adult story Pokemon and adoption leaves me hanging. But I'm thinking as a child.

Always I felt that the wizard of Oz was the biggest film ever sailed for children. Actually I still feel that way-it is a complex tapestry horrors and miracles of life, rich textures and symbols of love and sin, and most importantly, the fact that always generates life at you things that you can never prepare for, regardless of how many of you know, and that only the fortitude and power wins the day. In the story the wonderful Wizard of Oz leaves series Pokemon crawl in the dust. And it is a fact.

But the purpose of the two stories are completely different. While Oz throws us into the tumultuous world, Pokemon encourages no, forces young mind to use their imagination, creating worlds and fill the gaps. Pokemon as a thread fails too many ways to count. It is incomplete, it is not credible and logic, his assumption is not explained and it is not meaningful. His world is not a full sense of the world. There is no communication and, in respect of the Life lessons are concerned, there is nothing to teach. It is not the thread that adults can enjoy together with children. At best, like the rather silly spinoff on Jurassic Park with all the power and the lack of horror or surface. And children like it.

I submit that the thread that Pokemon is ideally suited to the minds of children. For all the unresolved elements within it to leave, we adults are dissatisfied, for stimulating children's minds to populate, render and completion. In other words, every child, for whom vision story Pokemon is unique because each child is unique. Relationship manager/Pokemon gives children something to uosabiaja that Dorothy never can. How does the mind of a child. Adults can not be bothered.

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